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This software is for Acorn-RISCOS computers powered by ARM processors and will not work on other platforms.

The software is either public domain or open source freeware released under the GPL. It has all been tested as best I can but I cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused as a result of its use. Thanks to all who have helped with suggestions, improvements, and fault finding.

32 bit compatibility

Current software versions have been compiled to run on both 26 and 32 bit operating systems without any special library requirements. Some previous releases require 32 bit libraries when not used on an Iyonix machine. In these cases the libraries are available from Castle Technology Ltd.


ELS is the Electric Light Show, an audio visualization plugin for the DigitalCD music player.

Requirements are RiscOS 3.5 or later. To get the best from the animations, a Strongarm machine or better is recommended.

ELS ELS v0.09 160Kb

A few screenshots

screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4

Click here for a Windows port. It works ok under XP.



This is an MPEG1/2 movie player with sound. André Timmermans has now taken over as maintainer for KinoAMP and the latest version can be found on his website. Older versions will continue to be available here.

When using AMPlayer to play the soundtrack.
The AMPlayer module.
The SharedSound module.
When using DiskSample to play the soundtrack.
The DiskSample and AudioMPEG modules.
Previous releases
0.33   (source)
0.32   (source)
0.31   (source)
0.30   (source)
0.29   (source)
0.28   (source)


This is a port of an MP3 encoder, optimised for speed. It's simple, small, and fast. Executes at speeds of just better than real time on a 233MHz SA RPC. One version for all machines, but it will be work best (fastest) with a StrongArm processor.

Please note. This is not a high quality encoder. At a 128k bitrate it may be acceptable to you. Try it and see. If not there are links to higher quality alternatives at

Shine Shine v1.09 23Kb

zip Shine v1.09 Source Code 43Kb

The original source by Gabriel Bouvigne can be found at MP3 tech along with a lot of other information, specifications, and sources, for encoders and decoders.

Recent changes,

1.09 Compatible with 26 and 32 bit libraries.
1.08 MPEG2 and MPEG2.5 lower sampling frequencies supported.

Previous releases are available here,
1.08   (source)
1.06   (source)
The following are 26 bit only
1.05   (source)
1.00(StrongArm)   1.00(Normal)   (source)


A desktop clock with selectable clock faces, chimes, and hour strikes. If you like playing with art packages, it is possible to make a photograph of any clock come to life on your desktop. The application is supplied with sound disabled to keep the filesize down.

RiscOS 3.5 or later.
As mentioned, Tock comes with the chimes and hour strikes disabled. The help file describes how to enable them generating mountains of audio WAV files in the process. If you want to do this, but cannot play WAV files, try !PlayIt.

Tock Tock v0.03 461Kb (Source code is included in the archive)

Recent changes,

0.03 Correction of problem with chime maker. A few options added.

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Last updated 18th March 2014